Super Boy and Saltgirl

Because everyone needs a sidekick

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Good morning

I love the way children explain things. The professor gets home, walks in he door and super boy, standing in the hall in his clothing from the night before (we are out of jammies) says “we are going to miss the bus!” P: “Why?”
SB: “It’s 8:29!”
P: “…” (They leave to catch the bus at 8:40.)
SB: “I have homework!” (Which he told me was all done last night.) P: “Why are we going to miss the bus?”

I finally cut in with the missing item. “I forgot to set his alarm clock last night.” P: “Have you had breakfast yet?”
SB: “No. She forgot to set my alarm clock last night.”
Me: “He just woke up.”
P: “Oh! You just woke up? Well you’d better hurry or your going to miss the bus.”


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